Ep. #24 – 2020 recap: through sickness and health

2020 recap. crazy year.

2020 Recap: Buckle up everyone!

This year was unforgettable, hard, and flipped ALL of our normal lives upside down. People around the world went through immense suffering and turmoil. An invisible enemy made our entire planet scramble to figure out how to help people, and get healthy.

Even in ALL those hard times, there were blessings. We know that finding meaning in difficulty can be trite, but during this year we had the best opportunities to live out our vows. 

We found out what it really meant to live out, “through sickness and health” or ‘richer or poorer”. And we are grateful to have these chances to grow closer together. There could not have been a better year to work on our marriage, than this year: 2020. 

In this episode, we recap 2020 and talk about this past year, and what we learned. We also go into why we haven’t released an episode in a while. Look above at the vow part, to get a hint!

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Most of all, we hope God blesses you in the coming year. This was such an insane year, and we want to thank you for spending some time with us. Thank you all so much for listening to us, and making our lives better this year. We hope we did the same for you!