Episode #22 – are they the one?!?

are they the one

How do you know they are the one??!?

At some point in our relationship each of us thought about our future as old people sitting in rocking chairs, talking about our lives together. 

This is also known as: “The One”.

But how do we talk about our future together without referencing movies and all the glorious dating moments? How do we rationally think about our life together in the future?

Well, in this episode, we talk about our experiences with pondering our future lives, and when we knew each other was “the one”.

This episode was suggested to us by a fan, and we loved the idea! It was awesome to hear what people are going through and then talk about it. 

To be honest, it was hard to talk about at times, because that feeling of knowing someone is the right person for you, can be such a gut feeling. A feeling of peace that makes you not worry. So finding the right words was tough sometimes, trying to articulate that peace.

But overall, our peace in knowing each other was the right person was so special for us to have. There has been a lot of work put in, since we knew we were meant for each other, and in our marriage, we have seen our growth. 

We hope you like this episode, and let us know when you knew your spouse was “The One”!

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