Episode #29 – our words really matter

our words matter

Our words really matter!

In our new marriage, we have discovered that our words to each other are really important. What we say, either builds the other up, or tears them down. And as we have started making our marriage habits, we try our best to use our words to be helpful not hurtful.

It can be challenging in a heated moment to remember about using “right speech”. But we have found that being intentional with our words has helped us communicate more clearly and kept resent from growing.

If one spouse is always being teased or “jabbed” at, then how will know that it isn’t serious? Do we say “I love you” more than we criticize the other?

These are questions we have asked ourselves to help our love grow, and inform how we speak to each other.

This was a very fun episode to make, and as we say in it, the little details really matter. It can be easier to talk about big marriage issues, and get feedback, but do we care about the little things?

Are we willing to talk about and work on the little habits? That is why we love this episode. It dives into a small part of our marriage, but also very impactful.

At the end of the episode, we have another “time traveling with Tania” segment, where we hear about something Tania watched late on TV one night.

Thank you so much for listening guys!

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