Ep. #28 – did we turn into our parents?

becoming our parents

Did we turn into our parents?!?

This is a question we ask during our married life. Because something we found out early in our marriage was that the biggest example of a marriage was the witness we saw growing up.

In episode #28 we talk about the times where we do something in the house, and then look at each other with a surprised look on our face!

“Do I sound like my Dad?”

“Does my Mom do the same thing?”

“Are we becoming our parents?”

These questions have arisen quite often in our first years of marriage. When we have looked into our well of behaviors for how to act in a marriage. For both of us, our parents are the prime example. 

We are lucky because we were blessed to be raised in great homes. We now feel a responsibility to continue that chain of good homes, and create a strong marriage, using the example of our parents. 

No parent is perfect, including our own, but when we look at how we act in our own marriage, we find ourselves being bright to our own parents for some of the tough questions in a marriage. 

Thank you so much for listening guys!

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