Ep. #30 – snow in the heart of Texas

snow in the heart of texas

Snow in the Heart of Texas.

We never thought we would talk about putting on a sweater in the Heart of Texas because of weather, but this past month was once in a lifetime!

We have taken a little break from releasing any episodes because it has been such a crazy month! And we are sure you guys have seen the news and all the crazy weather we have had here in Texas.

So, we wanted to make a recap episode, to talk about what our experience was during this “SNOWPOCALYPSE”!!

Lost water, no heat, and rolling blackouts are some of the things we went through for a time. And even if this sounds bad, we were still blessed to have things working properly at times. Some people were not so lucky. So make sure to pray for those who lost belongings, houses, or their lives.

But Texans came together to help each other out during the crisis, and that is what is most important. 

We hope you find this entertaining and make sure to get in touch with us!

Thank you so much for listening guys!

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