Ep. #31 – traveling with your spouse

traveling with spouse

Traveling with your spouse!

Everyone always said to us, “traveling with someone you love is always a good test”.

In this episode, we talk about being on the same page when we travel to places. Whether it be by car, train, or plane, we all have our travel habits. 

We discuss how budget, what activities to do, and little traveling habits, all reveal what it is like to travel with us. One important thing we have discovered is that when we are on the same page with these 3 travel items, then it is always a good time. And if we don’t see eye to eye on 1 or 2 of these, then it can set us up for some stress.

Traveling to places is supposed to be fun. It’s not meant to turn us into little balls of stress. Each new adventure is a good thing. Not a memory that haunts us!

It was a fruitful and fun conversation we had, and we want to hear from you guys!

Do you like to travel? Why is it hard to travel with someone else? What snacks do you get at the airport or gas station?

Tell us in an email, or drop us a comment on social media!

In our segment today, we also revisit “Captain America: The First Avenger” in “The Marvel-ous Rewind”. Listen and hear what we think about his personality and where  it ranks in our favorite Marvel movies list! 

Thank you so much for listening guys!

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