Ep. #27 – expectations vs reality in a marriage

expectations vs reality

Expectations vs Reality in a Marriage 

What is the reality to the expectations when we start a relationship? One of the more helpful conversations we have in our marriage, revolves around the expectations we HAD for each other, and the Reality of what actually is.

From our upbringings, to movies, or Television, we brought in certain expectations for how the other should act. Maybe it’s the cooking and cleaning expectations of a wife, or the financial security of a husband, but for us, the reality has been far more interesting than the expectations.

In this episode, talk about why we have these expectations for each other, and what we do to LIVE in reality. Being candid about what our talents or weaknesses are and how they affect our home has been extremely fruitful, and helped stop the seed of resentment being planted. 

We have found that letting go of the expectations of how we should act has helped us in our journey. It will always be a balance of what we expect out of each other, and what we can offer. But communicating about it has helped us so much. We look forward to figuring out how we can continuously help each other out. 

We hope that this conversation that we have on this episode can help any of you guys, in your lives because we know how helpful it has been for us. 

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