Ep. #25 – New Year. New Resolutions.

new years resolutions

As each new year passes, new resolutions come and go. Sometimes new year’s resolutions are looked at as trite or overrated. Most people don’t even take them seriously!

But for us, last year in 2020, we learned that the whole world can be flipped upside down. So, we wanted to set our intentions for the new year. We want to get better at the little things. 

In this episode, we had a fun conversation about why we wanted to set some goals for 2021. But we want to know if you guys have any New Year’s Resolutions. Please reach out to us, and email us. DM us on Instagram. Leave us a comment. 

We also introduce a new segment called “The Marvel-ous Rewind”, where we discuss the Marvel movies. Because we haven’t really seen any of these movies. 

We know, we know, how is that even possible???  Listen to the episode to find out, and hear us discuss our thoughts on “Iron Man”. 

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