Ep. #26 – the marriage scorecard

marriage scorecard

The Marriage Scorecard: what is it?

It’s all about keeping score in a marriage. BUT Never do it. Throw out the “Marriage Scorecard”.

This is marriage advice we received before we got married, and we have found it to be so helpful!

Maybe you know what the “Marriage Scorecard” is, but if you don’t, here is a simple and informal definition:

It is the invisible score you keep in your head, of who has done more chores, acts of service, or any general amount of work in the marriage. 

The advice we got before we got married, was to NEVER engage with this. It only causes animosity, and remember “the fruit of love is service”.

So why do we not keep score and what are the benefits?

Well, for one, it helps immensely with our communication. It makes it so easy to talk to each other when we are not holding everything in. If they haven’t done the dishes, and we are upset about it, if we are not keeping score, then it makes it easy to bring it up

This was an amazing episode. Reach out to us with your thoughts on the Marriage Scorecard! We would love to hear what you guys think!

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