Episode #17- our personality types

myers briggs personality

We love to talk about our personality types according to the myers-briggs test. Even if people don’t know what it is, we find ourselves working it into social conversations. This test is commonly taken for people to better understand how we perceive the world and make decisions.

In this newlywed stage of our marriage, we have found it productive and fun to talk about our personality types, and how we can better work within our strengths and weaknesses. Have you been hanging out with us recently and we have brought this topic up? Very likely!! It can be an “A-HA” moment to have when there is some context to a personality quirk. 

And, we have those quirks in spades!!

This was a really fun episode for us to make, because we can tell you all about our personality types. It may seem pointless but we have found ourselves having some really important conversations that started from us talking about these personality types. 

Have you ever taken the test? Tell us your personality type in an email, and let us know how it has shaped your day to day life. Send it to us at [email protected]

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Thank you all so much for listening!!