Episode #16 – is happiness a choice?

what makes us happy

Today we are talking about Happiness and Joy,  and why they are important in our lives. We also dive into the question: is happiness a choice?

This was one of our favorite episodes to make! 

We wanted to have a conversation on what makes us happy in our individual lives, but also what makes us happy as a single married unit. We define what gives us happiness, but we dove deeper into why happiness is an emotion that goes up and down, and why Joy could be the answer we are all looking for!

Happiness is not just about avoiding difficulties, or maximizing the pleasure in our lives. But rather it is an emotion and response to the day to day events of our lives. We experience happiness when things are good, and that feeling can be fleeting. 

So should we chase happiness? Well, in the episode we talk about the unshakable Joy we have in our marriage, that comes from God. This Joy is a deep peace knowing that we are saved and that God is in control of our world! EVEN when we think it’s CRAZY!!

We found this conversation to be so helpful for us, and we have even talked about it, since we stopped recording. 

Let us know what you guys think! Do you seek happiness? Do you agree with our definition of Joy? We want to hear from you, so leave a comment or send us an email with what happiness means to you and what you think Joy is all about!

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