First Post/Introduction of a Blog on a website for a podcast.

If you are reading this, you may be wondering if this is a blog that serves a podcast, or a podcast that serves a blog. And, may I say, that is the same question running through my head…

Thinking Meme
Here is the famous thinking meme, to help illustrate my above point.

On this day, August 5th, 2020, I have literally no idea, how this part of the website (aka the blog section) will connect with the podcast. This could change, and maybe I will figure it out, but as of right now, it’s still a work in progress.

To be honest, I put a blog section in the website because, as I was building this site, I was researching how to do it, and it said on the internet, that a Blog section is a popular part of a website.

So now I am doubling down, and creating a blog around a page I created, on this website, for a podcast, that we haven’t published yet.. Reference the meme above to understand more deeply where I am coming from..

I will be even more honest, and say, that I am not quite sure if this blog should be about marriage. Or blank slate for me to download all thoughts.

Wait. Do you hear that?

It’s a knock…

That’s right. It’s me and my blog knocking on the door of opportunity.

And now, for my final bit of honestly on this post, but I promise to always be honest. I am just filling up some space because I need to have this first post hit a minimum of words. I read that on the internet. Ok, I did it. I got to the number. Until next time y’all… I wonder if y’all counts for 1 or 2 words??

Check back here for more updates on this blog, and listen to the podcast to hear me and my amazing wife talk about marriage, life, and our journey!