How do you start a podcast?

I have also asked google this many times. I don’t know about you, but when I type something into google, I automatically think about a secondary question related to my first question.

Example: How do you start a podcast? This question leads me to another question.

This is when I open up a new tab and save it until i finish the first search.

Example: What do i need to start a podcast?

So now I click back to my initial search and I start right clicking.

Right clicking is like a virtual, intellectual, shopping cart. I see a SEO generated headline, and I right click. Me, I right click at least 3 articles when I am initially googling something. I need an aggregate of information to fully understand a subject. But, these headlines are very informative, and so they give me another round of google searches I have to do. I open a new tab to start a round of google searching again.

Example: Best microhpnee whenn starting a pocdast

* yes, I did mean “Best microphone when starting a podcast” *

Whenever I see a spell check, I am blown away… Maybe some person out there understands it very well, and would laugh at this, but not me…

Need another google search

Example: how does spell check work?

I start right clicking, so I can return to this spell check search and learn later why spell check came to be…

So after my initial google search, my screen is looking like this:

And I still know nothing about podcasting…

Ok! Let’s start learning…. But first let me open a tab for music so I can concentrate on what I have to learn.

This is when I go on Youtube… And the homepage of Youtube opens up a new world of possibilities of learning

Because I searched “how to start a podcast”, and Youtube is owned by Google, my homepage algorithm has videos right there, titled: “How to start a podcast”… Maybe I should see what all this visual learning everyone keeps talking about and click one of these videos

Right click SEO titled Podcast video… *check*

Open new tab, and ask google question about styles of learning

Example: Visual learning and what other types of learning

But sometimes I have to get “Real” with Google and not be so cute.. I just come right out with it, and speak to Google like an adult.

Example: How many types of learning are there?

Right click a few articles about styles of learning

But then I want to know what type of “learn-er” I am.. Everyone always says, “I am a visual learner”, but I never hear someone say, “I learn primary through my hearing..

This reminds me about the Podcast, so I have to go make sure my other open tabs are ok… I go check on them, then ask Google about learning because I want to know what type of learner i am (is learner a word?)

Example: What Type of learner am I quiz

Right click a few quizzes, and I will get to those later..

Now my browser page is looking like this:

I am starting to not be able to see some of the logos associated with the website I was on, so i just start clicking around to get a better understanding of what tabs I have open..

This is when I want some music while I do this busy work about tabs.. I go to the music I opened earlier and realize I didn’t pick any music. So I type in music and Sugar Ray pops up in Youtube search suggestions. At this point I don’t know why that is there but I press play.. Simultaneously, I also resist the urge to look up the complete history of this artist

Something I also like to do during one of these deluges of search, is to open a new window. So I can get busy populating the new window with less important information I need, and transfer over some tabs to this window. Because I want to get going on the podcast.

This is when it seems like a good time to look up Sugar Ray, so I right click and find out that Mark McGrath is 52 years old!!

I love opening up this second window because it feels like a fresh start, and when I stare at the first browser, it starts to give me a pit in my stomach. I start to think about all the articles I have to read. All the information I have to process. Will I even be able to understand late 90’s Pop-Rock, what type of learner I am (haven’t even taken the quiz yet), and how to market a podcast I haven’t published, all at the same time???

All of this reminds me that I haven’t learned anything yet about stating a podcast.

So I go to a new tab, in the new window, and ask Google:

“How do you start a podcast”

With all of this being said, the Podcast is almost here. We have recorded a few episodes, and we are preparing all the details associated with getting this out to everyone.

Stay tuned for more blog posts, and the official launch of our Podcast!