Episode #8: 1+1=2

One of the fun parts of our new marriage has been discovering how we build new traditions. For years we were making our own personal habits and engaging with our how own family traditions, but when we got married, we had to figure out things like: 

When do we put up the Christmas Tree? 

Or, wondering if we use the dishwasher as a drying rack or to actually wash dishes!

In Episode #8, we get into how our 2 traditions become 1. They said to us on the altar that, “On this day, 2 will become 1”, and we have found this to be true, especially when we are talking about our habits. We don’t think that is what the priest meant, but we have realized that we have had to talk about how we do the little things.

If one person is accustomed to a specific family tradition but doesn’t tell the other that it is important, resentment can build. Or if one person squeezes the toothpaste from the middle, and the other doesn’t like that, we have to tell each other.

This was a very fun episode, and we want to hear what you guys think!

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