Episode #7 How we met

our wedding weekend how we met story

Everyone loves a good “how they met” story!

Since we have started the podcast, a few people have reached out to us, and asked about our story of how we met.

We are a little biased, but we absolutely love how we met. It’s like our own little Rom-Com..

2 strangers at a wedding, then they fall in love, and get married. Throw in a dash of Texas, and a little bit of long distance, and BOOM, it’s the story of us.

We met in 2017, at a wedding in Connecticut… A “wedding in Connecticut” either sounds like the perfect title for a hallmark movie, or a very cheap horror movie. And we think our story is a little more hallmark and a little less “frantically running in the woods with the entire wedding behind you”…

We could have never imagined where life would lead us, when we met that weekend, but it shows what faith, and hard work can do. And could have never scripted a better ending to our movie… Ya know, because movies always end on the wedding day. Even though there is a lot more to go, that is for a different day. 

We hope you enjoy our fun little story, and maybe some of you can relate. It can be intimidating to meet a stranger, then start to build a connection, but our “meet-cute” was made for more!

Send us an email at [email protected] with your “meet-cute” story. We want to hear, and maybe we can read it on our next podcast!

Or write a comment below to tell us!