Episode #9 – how we argue

Every couple does it. But no one wants to talk a lot about it. 

In this episode we are getting into a hard part about marriage: conflict and arguments.

It’s okay, you can take a breath. The world is not ending. But we have to talk about it.

How do we deal with hard conversations, when maybe we don’t agree on a matter? If left unchecked, these conflicts can build to more serious issues. 

This is a reality of marriage, and something that is talked a lot about in relationships: is it bad to argue? Is it bad to have conflict?

What we have discovered is that these disagreements and conflicts are NOT BAD!!

It is perfectly normal to not agree on everything. 

We have found that it’s how we deal with these conflicts that is a really important issue. We know we are going to have disagreements, so how do we stop from letting resentment grow?

How do we resolve our conflict, with love and compassion rather than anger and yelling?

Well, in this episode we talk about all things conflict. As you will find out, sometimes the word argue can mean something different for each of us, but we all know that when talking about something difficult, it is important to not blow up!

We give a few tips on how we engage with each other when it comes to difficult conversations or conflict. And we make sure to tell each other and everyone that these conflicts are not the foundation cracking in a marriage and is normal. For us, it has really been about not letting anger rule the way we talk to each other, and not trying to just be right about something!

Tell us what you think! Do you do something similar? How do you deal with conflict?

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