An Ode to National Coffee Day!!

September 29th is National Coffee Day!!

Today is National Coffee Day, and as I was sipping my coffee this morning and catching up on the news – a common ritual for me and many- I saw the praise being thrown towards coffee, today on it’s Feast Day. 

Interestingly, every article I read about was accompanied with the locations and brands that are giving out a free cup of coffee today. Listen, I know there has to be a Marketing reason behind this, but I don’t know what it is. 

WHY would a company just say they are giving away free coffee, when we would have come in and paid full price?? If you know what business principle this is called, send me an email because I know these places don’t want to start losing money, so there has to be a reason. 

I ALSO know that I am one of those people that walks into a place that is offering a free small coffee and I am like: “Gimme one of those small free coffees…. And while i’m at it, thrown in a blueberry muffin, and a scone, a medium coffee because i’m gonna finish the small pretty quickly, and a dozen donuts, and just a little quiche”

Then I walk out smiling, as if, I am the one who got over on Big Business.

So, if this is the reason they do these types of deals, confirm it in a comment or an email. I need to know!!

Also, one of my flaming hot takes is that I love Instant Coffee…

I have some specific reasons, of which I will go into during a future podcast soon, but I always am down for a tepid cup of instant coffee. For me, it is very nostalgic, and I’m a big fan of putting something in the microwave, hitting 1:11 (please tell me other people do this as a way of being efficient), and enjoying it quickly…

But I have never really asked many people if they like Instant Coffee. 

What percentage of people like Instant Coffee: 50%? 20%?

Tell me if you like Instant Coffee, and why!

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