Episode #5 our first year together

our wedding day!

In the blink of an eye, we have been married for 1 year. Our first anniversary has come, and while most of our married life has been in this crazy 2020 year, we have learned a lot, experienced highs and lows, and done everything together!

In honor of our first year, we wanted to do a list of 1’s:

-1 thing we learned.

-1 thing we liked that we did together. 

-1 thing that was hard

-1 thing we wish we could take back

And a few more, answers to these lists of 1’s..

It was a great exercise because, as everyone has learned in 2020, life can get crazy and unpredictable. So, for us, to get our marriage starting off right, we have had to be unified and ride out the craziness together! 

Even though this year has been infamous, we know that our favorite times have been together, and we are glad that we are going through hard times together as well.

In our segment, “that thing you do”, we ask Tania why Texas is the best state?

The line between truth and opinion has never been more blurry, than right here. 

Tania has never been known to give an objective and unbiased thought on Texas, and this segment was no different. It made for quite an entertaining answer as to why she thinks Texas is the best place!

This was a fun episode, so make sure to listen, share, and review!

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Thank you for listening!!