Episode #4 Everyone is talking about the dishes!

dishes in the sink can overwhelm us!

The problem with the dishes

Everyone talks about the dishes!

The dishes are a small house chore but they represent so much more than that. In this episode we talk about the current state of our kitchen sink, and how we divide up this little task. 

Time and time again, in movies and in real life, we hear about the problem with the dishes. No one wants to do them, but they need to get done.

So how do we talk about this little chore? Do we just let the dishes sit there? Do I just wash them in spite?

We like to use the dishes as small ways to love another, and an easy way to communicate  what we are feeling. 

For example:

“Hey, can you help me wash these dishes”

“Yup, you got it”

Instead of washing the dishes, seething that no one helps out with these dirty dishes!

We go into how we believe that dishes are often a messenger of something greater, so while it’s important to wash the dishes, it is also important to “wash the dirty dishes” in our relationship.

We are always working on our marriage, and we are not perfect. So we try to wash the dishes in our relationship by bringing up what is bothering us, and figuring it out. 

Our relationship needs cleaning too, so we don’t let the dishes in the sink get us upset about the dirty dishes in our marriage.

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