Episode #1 is finally here!

Finally, our podcast is LIVE and we wanted to have our first episode cover Long Distance Relationships. 

We were strangers when we met; a weekend wedding in Connecticut. Both of us returned back to our homes. One in Texas. One is NYC. 

Our experience with LDR’s was as crazy as we could have ever expected, but it also had so many benefits that we never thought we would be a part of dating long distance. 

The Challenges:

Long Distance Relationships obviously have hard parts. It can be hard when you live across the country from one another. It can be expensive to fly back and forth JUST to see this person. It can be difficult to miss a person and not be able to see them.

Also, people can sometimes look at LDR’s as lesser than. People have a harder time believing that there is this person across the country that is a really big part of your life. 

But even though there are hard times and challenges in LDR’s, there is so much good that is involved with them, and we really learned so much, from dating long distance. 

It is a great way to get to know someone. You can really easily build a friendship first with a person. It  is an easy way to get to know someone. Talking on the phone, and facetiming can be a fun way to develop this friendship, and we were lucky to have these tools at our disposal. 

We knew that the one thing we needed to do was to be intentional about our relationship, and being long distance gave us the clarity to be open and honest which led us to having a deeper relationship.

Overall, we loved having the opportunity to be long distance. Even though it was hard, we know it was worth it!

In this episode, we also have our first installment of our segment: “that thing you do” where we get into why I have a certain personality trait that may hurt your ears!

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?

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