The Trailer is here! Full Podcast to follow.

After months of preparation, editing, brainstorming, recording, logo making, and procrastination we got ourselves a trailer!

Listen, if you have been waiting anxiously, and constantly refreshing the blog, to see when we would finally launch the podcast, I can see how you could be disappointed. But this is a great way to wet your beak.

We have a few episodes recorded and edited, and now we are just waiting to get listed on the podcasting players. These are all details that are boring and technical, so the most important thing to know is that this trailer above is setting the table for what’s to come.

As we have been preparing this blog, and making the podcast, I truly want to say thank you for reading this. Everything we have done is just purely by ourselves. It can be crazy to be speaking into a microphone, in a closet, and not even know if there is one person out there that will come in contact with it. But we press on. Ever vigilant. Always valiant. We press on. Even if you are reading this to finally see what I been talking about. Or maybe you stumbled upon this and we have never met, I want to say thank you for reading this. I hope we can bring a little light into your day…