Episode #2 Crossing State Lines

When all the bags and boxes are unpacked is when the real work begins. 

In this episode, we talk about moving for someone when you are in a relationship. Both of us are experts because we have moved across the country for the other. 

I’m not 100% sure if this makes us “experts” but saying your an expert is the first step in becoming the expert of something

It can be a crazy thought, to pack some bags, get together all your childhood posters, throw away childhood posters to save room, squeeze everything in a car or check-in bag, and move to a different place, to get there, and then have to put in real work in a relationship.

We both feel lucky to have moved for the other. It has given us great examples of love and commitment we have for each other, and it has opened our conversations to where we think we are being called to be. 

Not everyone will have the opportunity to move for the person they love, but we both know our experiences moving across the country for each other were a part of our story. So listen to this episode where we dive into the details of why each of us moved, and why it was harder than it seemed!

We also have another installment of “that thing you do”, where  I ask Tania why she leaves certain household items strewn about our apartment. 

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