Episode #3 Pandemic Living

Living together brings out A LOT of opportunities to love one another.

Whether it’s the dishes in the sink, shoes on the floor, or time alone, we have been figuring out how to successfully live together, and how to communicate the “little things”.

In this episode, we talk about our first year of marriage and what living together has been like. MOST of our marriage has been spent in this year 2020, which means, not only were we getting used to living with one another, but it has been during a global pandemic, in which we have been in quarantine!!

Needless to say, there have been some hard times, growing times, and fun times together.

We discuss why it has been really good for us to have a lot of time together and why we need to have “quality” time together, not just time spent doing the same thing. 

This difference for us is that we like to be intentional about how we spend our time together, even if we are doing different things, we always make sure we are recharging our batteries by being intentional.

Quarantine has been a great way to live together and learn why we need certain things, like alone time or quality time, but we know that this is a year we will never forget!

In our segment “that thing you do” we talk about why Tania loves her car and what long drives do for her mental health. 

Did you just get married? Have you been together for 20 years? Do you have roommates that have their own mugs???

We are sure there are stories about living together that will make us all laugh. 

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