Episode #6 how we deal with technology

tech in a marriage i real

In our latest episode of “what’s the dill”, we dive into one of the hottest topics in our world: technology.

Never before, for thousands of years, married couples did not have to deal with how technology affects everyday life. But here we are, where we have to make a podcast episode, talking about how we deal with technology in our marriage. 

We break down Tech in our marriage into 3 groups:

-The good and useful side of it

-The bad and harmful effects

-How we handle technology in our marriage 

The Good:

Even though it is common to anoint technology as harmful, we know that there are helpful parts to the technological revolution. Our relationship was supported by Facetime, finding cheap flights online, and constant texting. So, we absolutely know that technology helped get us where we are today.

The Bad:

Now we get to the fun part. The potentially harmful effects of Tech. What are they? Are they different for everyone?

For us, it can be a challenge to not get wrapped up in looking at our phones or computers, and not spending internal time with each other. We also know that with such a crazy 2020 upon us, the overflow of information can be hard to manage. It is a rising concern for people in our society, and we can see how Technology can move into a marriage.

What we do about it:

How do we deal with all of this though?? Using the good of Tech, but trying to fend off the harmful effects, is quite an undertaking. One big thing we do is to make sure to unplug. It can be a challenge to try and put time restraints of technology because there is ALWAYS a reason to use an app! So we are very intentional about unplugging and spending quality, intentional time with each other.

What do you guys think??

Is technology becoming too big a part of your life? Marriage? Relationship?

What are the good use cases for Tech in your life?

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