Episode #10 – the 5 love languages

One of the little surprises we have experienced during our marriage so far, has been the insights we have learned from the book, The 5 Love Languages

This book is written by Gary Chapman with the purpose of couples growing in communication and deeper understanding. 

His thesis is: we all give and receive a primary love language that we need filled to feel greatly loved. These languages offer us an easy way to hear how your spouse might be talking to you and how we talk to our spouse. 

Here are the 5 “Languages:”

-words of affirmation 

-quality time

-physical touch

-acts of service 

-gift giving 

Each of us can express all of these but we naturally have 1 in which we give and receive. The giving and receiving can differ. 

This may seem like it is not a big deal but imagine this scenario. 

A spouse comes in from a long day at work and wants to receive a long embrace from their spouse (physical touch), but the spouse is busy vacuuming the living room (acts of service) to make a clean place for the one coming home from work. 

One is seeking a type of love. The other is giving a type of love. But if they don’t understand what the other needs or wants, it could be like 2 ships missing each other in the middle of night. 

Understanding what languages we give and receive can unlock a greater understanding between each other, and we have found that we knew each other better after reading this book. We are so glad we read it, and we would love to hear what others think if you read it.

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