Episode #15 – the things we do to break out of our comfort zones

break out of your comfort zone

So many moments of growth in our lives have started because of breaking out of our comfort zones. So, for Episode #15 we wanted to discuss the times we have broken out of our comfort zones, and the results we saw!

It can be scary to step out of what is comfortable. The unknown. Fear of the Future. A loss of control. All these things run through our minds when we are contemplating breaking out of our comfort zones. 

But one thing we talk about in this episode is the growth we have seen in ourselves. Each time we step over the rising tide of challenges. For both of us, moving to different parts of the country (or world!) has given us ample opportunities to not be comfortable. They were real lighting rods in our young adult years, that struck us in a way that helped us grow. 

We also have a brand new segment called “Time Traveling with Tania” and it was a lot of fun for us to make. Let us know if you guys want more of this segment!

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