Episode #13 – the meaning of our missionary work

the meaning of being a missonary

Not everyone has the opportunity to volunteer or serve in a radical way at any point in their lives, so since both of us were missionaries as a part of our post-college years, we wanted to make an episode to dive deeper into this important subject.

Spending time “giving of self” as a missionary, was very special in our lives.

But, sometimes the word missionary or missionary work can be misunderstood or vague. So in this episode, we talk about what we think being a missionary is all about, and why the radical choices to go off and serve is not the only form of being on mission.

We are all on mission. Sometimes it looks radical, like going off to foreign lands. But many times it takes form in our everyday lives, and how we respond to this everyday call is what really matters. 

We also have another installment of our hit segment “that thing you do” where Tania divulges a very secret skill that people don’t know about!

This was such a fun and special episode to us. Thank you all so much for listening and following us on our journey! Write us an email at [email protected] to give us any episode suggestions or questions you want to ask us. 

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