Episode #14 – our passion for fitness, exercise, and sports

sports, exercise, fitness, in our marriage


14 Episodes in, and we are having such an amazing time making this podcast..

In this episode, we covered sports, fitness, and exercise. Each of these have been an integral part of our lives growing up, and the lessons we learned as kids, can now be applied to our married life.

Sports are not the first thing you think of when marriage is being talked about, but in this episode we discuss why they were so important for us and now are a fun way to spend time together.

As you know, quality time is a part of both of our love languages, so the time spent together going to a jog, or doing an at home work out, have been a fun and creative way to be with each other!

And back by popular demand, we have a “that thing you do” segment where we find more out about a certain light source. 

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