Episode #12 – we play the newlywed game

newlywed game

One question that came up for us recently was: what is the length of time a couple is considered newlyweds??

So, before we graduated to “not” newlyweds, we wanted to have some fun with it on this episode.

In this episode, we play “The Newlywed Game”, or at least our version of the game…basically we asked each other some questions and had answers.  

It is lighter and we wanted to do this for all of you guys to get to know some more in a fun way. 

We definitely get off to a rocky start, where we get confused with some of the questions, and we even started off the episode with some microphone troubles. 

Thank you all so much for listening! This process of making the podcast has been one of the best parts of our marriage. We love some of the conversations we are having from some of the topics in our episodes. It truly has blown us away how well everyone has responded to this podcast. We thank you all so much!

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