Episode #11 – how we forgive in our relationship

how we forgive in our marriage and relationship

One of the more important things we have talked about in our marriage has been on this subject: forgiveness

What does our society say about forgiveness? Not much. In fact, if you put on the television or listen to popular commentary, forgiveness is never mentioned one bit.

But in our marriage there are daily opportunities to forgive each other, and this release of resentment or anger is not only healthy for our marriage, but also great for our mental health. 

In this episode we dive into how we are establishing our foundation for how we forgive each other and why it is so important to have this as a staple in our lives.

It is not often that a group of friends sit around, over a crackling fire, and talk about how we forgive one another, so we wanted to talk to all of you about why we think forgiving each other is a bedrock in our marriage. 

It is not the easiest topic to talk about because it can be hard to say when you are wrong. But we have found it so helpful in our first year of marriage to try our best with forgiving each other, and setting the standard for how we do it! 

How do you guys forgive someone? Is it hard? Do you have any secrets for making it easier??

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